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The new railway-line Vienna-Aspang (1887) replaced the good old carriage and facilitated travelling, resulting in stop-overs or summer holidays of architects and painters (Andersen, Berg, Knell, Orglmeister, Schatz, Steffny), opera singers (Schitenhlem), composers (Mandyczewski, Puccini, Schubert), writers (Seemann, Wildgans), maecenas (Dumba, Kupelwieser, Lieser), muses (Ausländer, Rottler-Pauli), photographers (Helm), scientists (Cysarz, Paul), etc. Before, after and betweeen the wars and during the Russian occupation, the "Wechsel" was a favourite food-reserve especially for the starving Viennese. Intensive tourism, the "Sommerfrische" followed. But soon the "Wechsel" region became quiet and was only appreciated by individualists.
Today the "Sleeping Beauty" begins to move:
in June - Schwaigen-Reigen (festival of traditional music),
in August - Wildgans Lectures and Rocky Mountain Festival,
in September - Quetsch Fun Fair, etc.
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